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WISE WORDS by Yolanda Corrales: Madrid born, California based GYROTONIC® Trainer, Dancer & Actress

September 15, 2017
wise words yolanda corrales gyrotonic trainer dancer actress los angeles

This is the second segment of WISE WORDS. Meet the lovely Yolanda Corrales: a certified GYROTONIC® Trainer, Dancer and Actress from Madrid, Spain. She has just moved to California after living in Mexico City, where I had the privilege of taking a very mindful and challenging session with her. Corrales has kindly spoken about what it takes to be a great GYROTONIC® Trainer, how she feels about Mexico and California, and why the GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® Methods are both beneficial.


wise words yolanda corrales gyrotonic trainer dancer actress los angeles

What is the GYROTONIC® scene like in Mexico City at the moment?

It’s kind of below par because it’s just a few of us teaching Gyrotonic. It’s improving but it’s expensive. We have to pay dollars [for training] even though we earn pesos, so in general it’s [complicated] for the economy in Mexico.

In terms of clients, someone who already knew the technique in Spain came to Mexico, so he started to recommended me to other clients and clients just started to appear. Also, people who check the page here in Mexico realize that I’m in La Condesa, the centre of Mexico, so a lot of people prefer to do classes here.

What was the Gyrotonic scene like in Madrid?

When I started to do Gyrotonic in Madrid I was a dancer, 15-20 years ago, and there were just two people in Madrid [teaching the Gyrotonic Method], two brothers. After this many people started to become certified and therefore the scene became really nice in Spain.

I also have friends who used to be dancers too who own one of the main Gyrotonic studios in Madrid. I just can’t compare [the scene] from Madrid to Mexico because I was only teaching a few people then, however at the moment [the Gyrotonic community in] Madrid is bigger than Mexico for sure.

wise words yolanda corrales gyrotonic trainer dancer actress los angeles

How would you describe your teaching style?

I really focus on breathing. Breathing is one of the most important things because people have many things going on in their minds, they’re thinking all the time […] when they start to breathe, they start to release and forget about all of those things, which is most important. I also do a small meditation in the class.

Although, people are very different from one to another. For example, if a person is rigid, too flexible, focused, not focused, I have to deal with the person I have right in front of me. This comes with experience.

Tell us one or two tips for Gyrotonic trainers looking to accumulate clients.

Using Gyrokinesis at the same time with Gyrotonic is really, really helpful. Gyrokinesis is easier to concentrate on basic aspects about the Gyrotonic method, like narrowing then you can apply on the machine. Generally, I offer my clients one session of Gyrotonic and one session of Gyrokinesis, alternating each session.

To get clients, the best way is to be a really nice trainer (laughs) because people will feel really good with you and talk about you to other people. I read about other techniques like yoga and breathing, so I feel like I’m improving all the time. It’s a mix, it’s not just about teaching the technique, there’s got to be something about you too.

wise words yolanda corrales gyrotonic trainer dancer actress los angeles

How do you feel about the Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis scene in California?

I think it’s better, because you can buy the machine in the U.S., but in Mexico you have to still buy the machines in the U.S. and then ship it to Mexico and it’s really expensive. It seems easier in the U.S. The workshops are in dollars, etc. There seems to have more variety and dynamic than here in Mexico for sure. So in L.A. it’s better (laughs).

Would you cater sessions specifically for Actors wanting to improve their career?

Of course! I think Actors need a free body and a free mind which can make acting better. Sometimes when you’re acting you can feel so tense – because of the casting, or because you have to understand your character, so you tend to feel very tense – and you can really release with the Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis methods.

wise words yolanda corrales gyrotonic trainer dancer actress

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