Gyrotonic Classes in London

I have been teaching and practicing GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® in London since 2011. I’ve had the privilege of working and training at some of the best studios. You can register interest in taking a class by clicking the ‘Contact’ links below.

Kings Cross Studios

This studio was recommended to me from my former Master Trainer, Debra Rose (S.F. Gyrotonic) when I just moved to London in 2010. My first Gyrotonic class at this studio was with Dylan Elmore and a just few years later, I began my Gyrokinesis training with him too. This studio is one of the only fully equipped studios for the Gyrotonic Method in London, which makes its a great studio for a full work out and frequent teacher trainings.
gyrotonic classes kings cross london

Kings Cross Studios London have a fully equipped Gyrotonic setup

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Opened: 2002
Founder: Tisha Harrington, GYROTONIC® & GYROKINESIS® Pre-Trainer
Address: 154 Caledonian Road, London, N1 9RD
  • Kings Cross currently have 15 teachers at the studio
  • Of these, 9 are Gyrotonic and/or Gyrokinesis qualified including 1 Gyrotonic Master Trainer (Cherie Love) and 1 Gyrokinesis Master Trainer (Dylan Elmore)
  • 3 Apprentice Teachers
  • 3 Pulley Towers
  • All Specialised Equipment including: 1 Leg Extension Unit, 1 Jumping Stretch Board, 1 Archway and 1 Gyrotoner
Also offered
  • Pilates
  • Various manual therapies such as nutrition

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