kindall's clients on the gyrotonic method

Kindall’s Clients on the GYROTONIC® Method

I once measured my height before and after a session and I was 2cm taller when I finished […] it’s because Gyrotonic elongates the spine [by] separating and spacing the vertebrae that are compressed by hours spent sitting at the computer each day.

– Evelyn, Classical Music Consultant

I feel that my movement is more fluent. I seem to be able to walk longer distances with much less effort. My episodes of sciatic lower back pain have greatly reduced, are less severe and easier to manage. I feel stronger and this is being proved in the gym.

– Michael, Educational Developer

I noticed improvements [such as] longer muscles, more strength, more understanding in using different and correct muscles within Ballet and Gyrotonic class […] I sleep better and have more energy in general.

– Alessia, Former Royal Ballet of New Zealand Dancer, Ballet Teacher

I started [Gyrotonic] due to injuries in the hip and poor rehabilitation after foot surgery and I’ve finally got the connection back [including] recovered mobility and sensation in both my foot and hip!

– Maria, Contemporary Ballet Dancer, Pilates Teacher