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5 Lessons You’ll Learn from the GYROTONIC® & GYROKINESIS® Certifications

December 4, 2017
Things you'll learn at the gyrokinesis certification the movement blog kindall payne lisbon

Hello budding trainers! This one’s especially for you. While the GYROKINESIS® and GYROTONIC® Methods have been a part of my life for many years as both a student and practitioner, it’s the Final Certification that can really reiterate the work in a different light.

As we develop our own way with learning how to teach these methods, it’s also useful to know how the rest of the world approaches these methods and enhance the way we see bodies in movement as a mover and a trainer. Here are 5 out of many lessons you’ll  learn when attending either the Final GYROKINESIS® or GYROTONIC® Certifications.

Things you'll learn at the gyrokinesis certification the movement blog kindall payne lisbon

GYROTONIC® Münstertal, Germany — one of the main European GYROTONIC® & GYROKINESIS® Certification studios.

Prepare the Mind and Body

Get ready for a long and adventurous weekend. Remember that these methods work very deeply for both the mind and body and there is a lot of information to obtain. Pace yourself and take it one sequence at a time. Map out some time for yourself before or after class with or without a partner. With good morning start and a long lunch break, there’s plenty time already mapped out for you to refresh.

Take Advantage of the Surroundings

As you can see, Münstertal is based in a tranquil, and refreshing setting. With that said, don’t forget to explore the studio’s surrounding area if possible. Whether you’re in Münstertal’s lush setting or in a bustling city like Hong Kong, there’ll always be something exciting and inspiring to see. At my Gyrotonic Certification in Miami Beach, we spent our time at the beaches casually acknowledging the different postures.

Release Unnecessary Habits

One of the most interesting things in being in a new environment is learning how to let go ‘how you usually do something’. During the Final Certification, this is definitely the time to listen and learn. For example, you’ve been explaining how to do the Arch and Curl in one way, now how could you add more detail and apply a new refreshing aspect? It’s not how the movement looks externally it’s where it comes from.

Things you'll learn at the gyrokinesis certification the movement blog kindall payne lisbon

Take Care of the Body

Warm up, cool down, adhere to any existing injuries–something that the Certifying Master Trainer will undoubtedly recommend. While it’s important to show what you’ve been exploring during your training and apprenticeship, it’s important to remember that this is for you and that your body is a priority. Aim to arrive at the Certification in good physical shape if possible so you’re able to explore these methods to the next level.

Get to Know to Other Trainers

There’s only a few precious long days within a Final Certification, especially if you’re not able to take time off beforehand and/or afterwards. What kind of businesses are people running? Are they new to the method? Are they adding this method to an array of other practices and talents they may acquire? It’s so worth it to find out– it’s one of the most exciting parts of the certification. You may even meet someone to collaborate with in the future.

Ask Questions, Seek Advice

Although a Certification, this environment is your learning environment. This is a great place to bring questions you’ve had over the last few months or even years. Your certifying Master Trainer has a lot to offer and this could be a once in a lifetime experience. Your peers around from from many wonderful backgrounds will always have advice to offer as well! Don’t let this moment slip away as your Master Trainer will be quite busy otherwise.

Things you'll learn at the gyrokinesis certification the movement blog kindall payne lisbon

My Certifications


Miami Beach GYROTONIC®
Master Trainer: Lisa Marie Goodwin


GYROTONIC® Munsterstal
Master Trainer: Salvatore Lo Monaco

Many thanks to all the Trainers and Master Trainers I’ve met along the way!


Dance Short Stories the Gyrotonic Method

The Importance of Breathing & the GYROTONIC® Method by Lucia Vergnano (GUEST POST)

April 29, 2017
guest post: breathing again, lucia vergnano

 Lucia Vergnano is a Dancer with Aterballetto Dance Company, a Mother, and a GYROTONIC® Trainer based in Reggio Emilia, Italy. Vergnano now contributes to an blog called Mamma, Mi Racconti (Italian for Mom, Tell Me).

In this post, Vergnano shares her thoughts on breathing, the importance of oxygen, and how the GYROTONIC® Method helped her further understand this necessity.

BREATHING AGAIN by Lucia Vergnano

[Translated by Lucia Vergnano from ‘UNA MAMMA IN GYRO‘ (A mother in Gyro) – ‘Juggling family, dance, travels and the Gyrotonic Method’]

guest post: breathing again, lucia vergnano

Each of us as a child breathes, breathes well, without any constraints or problems. Then, with time, we forget. We get stuck. The mind begins to control our breathing unconsciously. We do not think it’s so important anymore.

What are the consequences? Aches, muscle pain, joint pain, stomach ache, headache to name a few… I am not saying it all depends on how we breathe, but it is certainly influential, and knowing how to breathe well could help to prevent these problems.

For example, musicians use instruments to make music, painters use brushes and colors and dancers use the body. The body and soul of the dancer are their tools and, as every tool must be treated with care, it should be cleaned, polished and pampered.

What better ingredient to feed your body than oxygenOxygenating  your blood, muscles and mind correctly means preventing contractions. It means learning to maintain a correct posture and dealing with stressful moments (which are plentiful!) in a more conscious way. 

In addition, the diaphragm is the muscle that has the main role in breathing, in which the Gyrotonic Method truly teaches how to make the diaphragm more elastic and, at the same time, stronger in order to control it voluntarily.

The Gyrotonic Method also teaches us that a certain type of breathing must be associated with each type of movement: a gentle and deep breath when movement is wide and slow; a more rhythmic one if the movement is fast and small; and a stronger and more intense one if the movement requires greater physical strength.

Improving my breathing has greatly helped to increase my physical strength, mobility and prevent injuries. I feel that Gyrotonic is a method that can really work for anyone, regardless of age or physical fitness. It is a method that helps people to breathe consciously to oxygenate both the body and mind.

After practicing the Gyrotonic method and its breathing techniques for years, it has definitely made a difference. Just couple of hours a week and you will see a change in your life, because knowing how to take a deep breath at the right moment can change your day. 

More About Lucia Vergana

guest post: breathing again, lucia vergnano

Lucia, 33, was born in Turin but moved to Florence to follow her dream to become a ballerina. And she did. In the last 15 years Vergnano has been working as a professional dancer, first with Balletto di Roma in Rome, then with Aterballetto in Reggio Emilia.

However, while dancing in Rome, Vergnano became injured but was fortunately introduced to the Gyrotonic Method. From that moment on, she realized that she didn’t want to be without this method, so pursued to becoming an instructor.

She has been married to Hektor, who is also a dancer, for 3 years. They met in Rome in 2000 and after a difficult start they decided to try to build a life together. A little more than 2 years ago she became a Mother to Lorenzo, which is her “greatest pride and joy.”

Follow Lucia Vergnano here:

Mamma, Mi Raconnti