about rob
Rob Jackson is a skiing, kitesurfing, and a GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® enthusiast. He holds 10 + years experience in Data Analytics and Digital Marketing as well as running his own company. Rob also has previous blogging experience for sites such as The Telegraph.
In 2015, he decided to encourage Kindall to go ahead and start her own blog. Originally in the background during the jump start of The Movement Blog, Rob’s now a contributor to the blog’s posts. He is very interested in using Data Visualization to present the blog’s work to help Kindall’s readers and client see her information more clearly.
Rob’s job is to track the blog progress and trend count city by city, country by country and pair them with detailed, interactive graphs. By doing so, Kindall is able to see certain trends within the Dance and GYROTONIC® community and what topics need to be covered. This is also useful any extended research needed. This way, Rob can help Kindall combine dance, health, and fitness with research, data, and visualization.