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Movement Playlist #16: Studio Vibes

September 2, 2020
the movement playlist 16 studio vibes stretch therapy gyrotonic online

Check out these relaxing and moving tunes for some vibrational ambiance for your studio. Orginally made for StretchLab (pictured above), where clients want to relax during their deep stretches.

As trainers, we spend most of our time in the studio, so why not let the atmosphere have feel-good vibes? I’ll keep adding on to this playlist, so be sure to come back to it every now and again.

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Movement Playlist #14: Echoes

January 23, 2020
movement playlist #14 echoes the movement blog

These tunes are like remembering the echoes of summer while settling into the cosiness of winter. Sit back, dream of the beach; all snuggled in your favorite sweater.

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Movement Playlist #13: Slow Dance

August 27, 2018
movement playlist 13 slow dance

Summertime is a time of transition, travel and rest.

Slow Dance is a collection of tunes in which I became familiar while travelling and exploring over the last few months to continue tapping into my wellbeing, such as rejuvenation and clarity.

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Movement Playlist #12: Dance Your Moment

June 3, 2018
dance your moment the movement blog dancing the moment anouk froidevaux berlin brussels lisbon

This dance playlist is inspired by my GYROKINESIS® and GYROTONIC® colleague, friend, and beautiful mover, Anouk Froidevaux. She’s also the creator of Dancing the Moment, a movement based workshop, currently touring in Brussels and Berlin. Be sure to check out her workshops.
Not to be missed. More information below.

Dance your heart out, movers.

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About Dancing the Moment

Dancing The Moment is a workshop open to anyone searching for a deeper connection with themselves and the present moment through movement. Anouk’s workshop is attended by a variety of professionals and amateurs including dancers, actors, musicians, visual artists, designers, therapists, doctors, journalists, yoga instructors, and more.

About Anouk Froidevaux

Anouk is a dancer with more than 15 years of experience working throughout Europe in a variety of dance companies, independent productions and touring internationally. She became a certified GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® instructor, and has since taught regularly private and collective classes. In 2013, she created a workshop called, Dancing The Moment, to return to her original passion for dancing. She wanted to inspire others to connect with themselves and the present moment through movement, regardless of their background.
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Movement Playlist #11: On the Move

March 26, 2018
movement playlist on the move the movement blog

For travelling, touring, & being consistently on the move. Dance, move, groove wherever you are.

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Movement Playlist #10: Winter Warmers

January 24, 2018
movement playlist 10 the movement blog kindall payne

Some tunes to keep you warm, from the inside-out, during these cold winter months. Keep dancing, moving, grooving and that blood circulating.

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Movement Playlist #9: Take a Bow & Relax!

October 14, 2017

movement playlist #9 take a bow and relax

Sometimes you just need to wind down and find stillness after a long week, or simply enjoy time to yourself.

This playlist is your restful weekend soundtrack for naps, tidying, laundry, whatever is you enjoy doing in your spare time. So take a bow, slow down, and relax.

Happy resting!

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Movement Playlist #8: Contact Improvisation

September 18, 2017

Movement Playlist #8–Contact Improvisation

 We’re Jammin’; 84 mins

This past Sunday, I had the wonderful pleasure of meeting Pramod Miguel Bento and Rita Vilhena, two beautiful dancers and Contact Improvisation facilitators in Lisbon, Portugal. Every Sunday, Pramod and Rita facilitate open Contact Improvisation classes followed by a 2 hour jam session. Like in most dance classes– live or digital music facilitates the class too. To my delight Pramod and Rita’s music was fantastic. They even allowed me play some of my own playlists.

When did Contact Improvisation develop?

It’s said that it was started and presented by American Dancer/Choreographer, Steve Paxton in 1970’s in the United States, however it is now practiced all over the world. There’s even an online directory  where you can find out where to take contact improvisation classes or attend a jam session. Check out Contact Quarterly, started by a dancer and founding participant, Nancy Stark Smith, for more information.

What happens in a Contact Jam?

The facilitator often sets the environment (usually after a warmup or improvisation class) where dancers alternate partners in and out of the main space with or without music. ‘Partners’ begin in a duet which can form into a group. Dancers outside the main space can relax, stretch, or keep improvising. The object is to stay in the present, listen to your body, listen to other dancers’ bodies, and be open to playful movement exploration, or authentic movement.

Are there any rules?

There are certain techniques and movements that dancers can use within a Contact Improvisation jam. The general ‘technique’ is to maintain a soft, yet supportive body to help distribute weight, which is the key. Movements are kept soft and supple to allow elements of ‘surprise’ within the body, within the space, and with your partner(s). ‘The floor is your friend’, they say! Therefore maintaining a sense of being grounded helps the dancer find balance and necessary feedback to create the next movement.

Discover more –

History of Contact Improvisation

Basic Movements of Contact Improvisation

Contact Improv Worldwide Directory

Steve Paxton Talking Dance


Dance General Fitness and Well–Being Music

Movement Playlist #7: Barre Fitness

November 26, 2016

movement playlist #7: barre and dance fitness

A few months ago, I’ve started covering Barre Fitness classes for City Academy and Triyoga, Camden, which caters towards those interested in ballet, cardio and overall movement and alignment as an upbeat fitness class. These classes also include yoga and pilates mat exercises.

This particular method has challenged me to keep my music upbeat, simple, clear, yet really enjoyable. In this playlist, you’ll get a sample of what I’d usually play when I’m teaching these classes, which is quite different from my slower driven mixes meant for improvisation, for example.

What is Barre Fitness?

Barre Fitness may also be called ‘barre fit’, ‘barre workout’, ‘barre core’, or ‘ballet barre’.  This method is derivative and based off the Lotte-Berk Method and The Bar Method. It wonderfully targets muscle groups while focusing on lengthening the muscles, just like ballet. Classes sizes are usually with up to 6-7 people at a time, so it’s gives you a ‘group personal training’ feel.

It is, of course, also great with different fitness levels and body types. No experience or ballet shoes required! Check out the schedule at Triyoga or at City Academy and try it for yourself.

What are my Barre Fitness classes like?

It’s a mixture of Yoga and Dance moves combined with specific strengthening and stretching exercises. These exercises include the use of props, such as weights, and floor work. My goal is always to allow students to pay attention to their alignment during to gain the most out of each exercise.

The class focuses on always working and using the entire body but in ways that are achievable yet challenging. Key emphasis: back of leg (i.e. hamstring, gluteus) and core connection. At the end, you’ll feel more energised, properly aligned, and ready for the rest of your day.

Kindall usually covers the 1:15PM Barre Fitness class, Saturdays at Triyoga, Camden. Stay tuned for updates on the blog’s Facebook page.

If you liked that one, check out my Warm Up and Cool Down Playlist.