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Hi movers, As some of you may or may not already know, I’ve been back in the States finally visiting family and catching up with friends that I haven’t seen over the last couple of years. I’m excited to share where I’ve been and what classes I’ve been taking from New York to California. Looking …

Jamila Kinney: On Lockdown & the Importance of the Moving Body
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Jamila Kinney: On Lockdown & the Importance of the Moving Body

Meet Jamila Kinney – Dancer and certified GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® Pretrainer based in Chicago, Illinois. She’s also a Reiki and Zen Shiastu practitioner with a Master’s in Dance/Movement Therapy and Counselling. I welcome the slowing down, I welcome the change. It leaves room to see what comes up […] The body is a historian. It …

How to Keep Moving When Working from Home
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GUEST POST: How to Keep Moving When Working from Home

Photo Credit – Unsplash With the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, companies were forced to continue their business operations remotely. More flexible working arrangements saw employees working from home, prioritising both staff and customer health and safety. Because of this, office sitting time has doubled, with around half of UK workers spending almost the entirety …

avatâra ayuso women in dance award march 26th 2021 awa dance charity
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Introducing the Women in Dance Awards with Avatâra Ayuso, Founder of Advancing Women’s Aspirations (AWA) with Dance

Ahead of Avatâra’s AWA inaugural Women in Dance Awards event this Friday, 26th March, 730PM (GMT), I got to chat briefly with Avatâra herself. She walks us through her background and experience that led her to developing her company AVA Dance and, her newest project, AWA Dance Charity. Hint: it’s all about women, girls, leadership …

dezaun solely: on his journey through dance, teaching, and returning to architecture
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Dazaun Soleyn: On His Journey through Dance, Teaching the GYROTONIC® Method, & Architecture

I had to dance first. It made me so aware of my body; in relationship to the earth; in relationship to curvature and spirals; in relationship to flow […] this pulled me away from the mechanics of ‘what architecture is’ to what does architecture mean for me? Dazaun Soleyn is a Dancer, Choreographer and GYROTONIC® …

trina marie bordere gyrotonic gyrokinesis breath vocalization new orleans
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Trina Marie Bordere: On Breath Work, Sensation, & Yawning

“The breath is one of the first things impacted by stress of any kind and it impacts every part of your body. There is no part of your human that isn’t touched by breathing!” Trina Bordere‘s a Dancer, Movement Artist, GYROTONIC® Trainer and GYROKINESIS® Master Trainer based in New Orleans. She’s known for marrying breath …