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Kindall’s Clients on the GYROTONIC® & GYROKINESIS® Methods

Do try the Gyrokinesis with Kindall. It’s a great way of using your whole body in connection with your breath and it helps with moving and being in the world and doing other exercise with your body in alignment. Kindall is very experienced, is an excellent teacher and is a great advert for Gyrokinesis as she has the most wonderful posture and fluidity of movement.
–Aileen McDonald, Counsellor & Psychotherapist
I once measured my height before and after a session and I was 2cm taller when I finished […] it’s because Gyrotonic elongates the spine [by] separating and spacing the vertebrae that are compressed by hours spent sitting at the computer each day.
– Evelyn, Classical Music Consultant
I started [Gyrotonic] due to injuries in the hip and poor rehabilitation after foot surgery and I’ve finally got the connection back [including] recovered mobility and sensation in both my foot and hip!
– Maria, Contemporary Ballet Dancer, Pilates Teacher, Owner of Kinecta Estudio
I feel that my movement is more fluent. I seem to be able to walk longer distances with much less effort. My episodes of sciatic lower back pain have greatly reduced, are less severe and easier to manage. I feel stronger and this is being proved in the gym.
– Michael, Educational Developer
I noticed improvements [such as] longer muscles, more strength, more understanding in using different and correct muscles within Ballet and Gyrotonic class […] I sleep better and have more energy in general.
– Alessia, Professional Dancer, Ballet Teacher, Creator and Vlogger of Lazy Dancers Tips
Within 6 sessions spread over a couple of months I have seen a massive improvement in my Climbing and Yoga practices, and my chronic injuries have disappeared. Kindall spotted hindering movement habits and, patiently, taught me how to move in a much better and smarter way. Really looking forward to our next sessions!
– Juan, Marketing & Business Consultant