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Best New Blogs in Dance, Health, and Fitness in 2016

October 7, 2016
best new blogs in dance health and fitness

Above: Mara Cimatoribus, founder and blogger of SHE-SMILES

In no particular order – these new blog platforms are equally amazing, inspiring and necessary for dance, fitness, health, and wellbeing enthusiasts alike.

One thing these blogs have in common is that all of the founders/creators/directors/bloggers took the initiative to use their experience and knowledge to create a fun, enthusiastic place for other like minded people out of the goodness of their hearts. Check out these topics ranging from ballet fitness to self-esteem improvement to yummy innovative recipes.

Lazy Dancer Tips – Best New Dance Vlog

best new dance health and fitness blogs

Former dancer of Royal New Zealand Ballet and current dancer in New English Ballet Theatre Lugoboni seriously doesn’t miss a beat in her new blog. Nearly everyday, dancers have access to exercises and tips on everything from ‘how to tie your pointe shoes’ to ‘how to exercise on the beach’.
Lazy may not be the case ‘per se’, but this lovely laid back approach to using ballet as fitness is accessible to anyone for anytime and everywhere. It is, of course, also great for those already deep in the ballet game. She’s got your back with in depth yet simple explanations of how to improve leg extensions, balance, and port de bras, just to name a few.
In addition, Iacopo Di Luigi, Lugoboni’s other half and business partner, works in Visual Effects and clearly has an eye for detail. This great collaboration manages to create the dynamic combination between video and blogging, which works flawlessly with both depth and clarity.
Follow this blog and you’ll never be out of touch with improving your fitness, ballet technique, and the cuteness of Lugoboni’s cats!

Sweet Om Yoga – Best New Yoga Instagram Account

best new dance health and fitness blogs

Not a formal blog, but Filitsa Thomopoulou’s photos are extremely well shot. She manages to capture some of the most intriguing yoga poses in unique angles. They all seem to tell a story, like a dance. This former ballerina ( á la the National Greek Opera School of Dance) has transformed her life from the stage to the mat after foregoing hip surgery. After living and dancing in London she returned back to her home in Athens, Greece and now teaches yoga full time.
She’s now beginning to incorporate video on her Instagram account, which further adds to the dance-like element; flowing into poses as if one sentence. Instagram and yoga have quickly become the perfect combination – and it’s everywhere. So what sets this account apart? Her precision and poise. Suitable for those who want to see how someone uses their technique to the fullest, safely and beautifully.
Traveling to Greece? Contact Thomopoulou for her class schedule here.

Wavelength – Best New GYROTONIC® Blog

best new dance health and fitness blogs

Thanks to Cina Canada, founder/producer/director of Human Picture Initiative and now (thankfully) Media Coordinator at GYROTONIC® International Headquarters, the very much global yet exclusive Gyrotonic community official have outlet direct from the source. Here – trainers, clients and anyone else alike can be informed with what others trainers and master trainers are doing  and, most importantly, read what they have to say.
Useful sections and series includes ‘Tips for Trainers by Trainers‘ and  specialized course highlights where Master Trainers are interviews to further explain the development of the course and, basically, ‘what inspired them?’. Gyrotonic headquarters also have a YouTube channel that features ‘The Gyrotonic Interview Series‘ (a must-see).
I have a great gut feeling that the Gyrotonic community fully appreciates to finally have this kind of dialogue accessible and out in the open. Always wanted to know more about the Gyrotonic Method and how it can improve your technique, posture and alignment? This blog is not to be missed.

Dance Longer, Dance Stronger – Best New Dance Science Blog

best new dance health and fitness blogs
Insights on dance, dance science, and injury prevention? Yes, please. Dance Longer, Dance Stronger was founded and entirely created by, budding entrepreneur, Claire Farmer. Farmer doesn’t seem to take ‘no’ for an answer, especially when it comes to improving the dance community. So much so, she’s just created an app called The Performers Health Hub, which is now available!
During and after obtaining her MSc Dance Science degree, Farmer seemed to quickly know in which direction she was headed. Her goal was (and is) to find ways that important and useful information is available to dancers, especially involving health-related issues as she clearly describes on her website.
Want to know more about Dance Science and how to get involved? This one is definitely for you. You can also check out a range of articles that Farmer’s arranged that include topics such as “Anxiety and the Dancer” and “Health Before Money”.

Lucy Panou, Best New Lifestyle Blog

best new dance health and fitness blogs

Lucy Panou is so matter-of-fact and to the point,  I can only imagine that girls around the world are feel like they finally relate and feel right at home with her insightful and plentiful posts. Clearly written and driven from personal experiences, Panou dons an MSc in Dance Science as well as a certification in Lifestyle Coaching.
Her background as a dancer and the experience she’s had with body image further proves that she’s hugely passionate about what she courageously brings to the surface. Her straight to point blog posts include topics such as “Why Perfectionism is a Pain in the Ass […] and “How to Conquer Resiliency“.
In addition, she currently has a free package called “Discover How to Love Yourself and Your Body”, which includes an ebook amongst other useful information, like how to ‘Stop Worrying About the Mirror’. Don’t just take my word for it, see what Lucy’s clients have to say by scrolling down to the bottom on her home page.
Want a self-esteem boost? Contact Panou directly for advice here.

She Smiles, Best New Food Blog

best new dance health and fitness blogs

If you love acquiring new ideas for food then you’ll fully appreciate this one. The blog was created by Italian native and now Londoner, Mara Cimatoribus, after she realized she wanted to live and eat healthier. Within first glance, you’ll be able to tell you’re in for dozens of treats. Cimatoribus’s recipes are original, innovative and fresh, and provides mostly vegan and plant-based recipes.
She’s begun a section that documents her travel experiences. Here, she shares ‘where to stay’ and, of course, ‘where and what to eat’. Her photos are stunning and will no doubt will inspire you to visit said places and eat all of the food! So far, she’s documented her stays in Marrakech, Puglia, and Albuquerque. Stay tuned for more.
Cimatoribus also usefully puts together a range of suggestions for beauty, wellness, kitchen products, books and more (here’s an example). Once you’ve opened the menu on the homepage, scroll down and click on ‘Shop’ to explore.


the Gyrokinesis Method the Gyrotonic Method

Why I Chose to Train in the GYROKINESIS® Method

May 17, 2016
why i chose to train in the gyrokinesis method

In 2010, I became a certified GYROTONIC® Trainer. I was also taking GYROKINESIS® classes during that time frame as it was a part of my dance curriculum at the LINES Ballet/ BFA program, however I chose the GYROTONIC® Method as my career backup. Over the years, while still practicing a bit at home and as a warmup before dance class, I began taking less and less GYROKINESIS® classes.

Only about a year ago, when I started working at Tranquility Pilates Centre, I began taking Gyrokinesis class with Trainer Allison which was held at the studio 11AM on Saturdays right after I was done teaching. Then I remembered that I really did miss it! Sparking my interest in the original stool and mat work version, I decided to go back to Gyrokinesis training.

I then began my pre-training and foundation course at Kings Cross Studios with Dylan Elmore. Now that I’m a Gyrotonic Apprentice, I love holding super cheap and accessible group classes for everyone. I’m definitely looking forward to teaching classes outdoors and just about anywhere!

Here are a few key reasons why I returned to GYROKINESIS® Method after teaching the GYROTONIC® Method for 6 years.

why i chose to train in the gyrokinesis method


  1. It’s the foundation of the GYROTONIC® method.

    Before the Gyrotonic machine was even dreamed of, creator, Juliu Horvath investigated his own injury prevention technique that was originally called ‘Yoga for Dancers’, which quickly developed into what we know today as the GYROKINESIS® method. Classes are normally conducted without stopping and with continuous movement.

  2. No machine required!

    Beach, park, and home visits here we come. This means less exclusivity and more affordability.
    As there aren’t a lot of Gyrotonic studios in London that offer Gyrotonic group equipment classes, I can finally get a taste of working with many different people and abilities at once with Gyrokinesis group classes. Not only is alignment important but so is the rhythm of the class.

  3. The diversity of a group class challenges my teaching style.

    Teaching 1 to 1 is quite different from teaching a group class. Therefore I am challenged to slightly change my teaching style to adapt to many abilities at once. By doing so, I have learned to let the client continue move and find their own corrections as I have to guide them verbally.

  4. I get to be more physical as a teacher.

    Teaching a group class means that I can actually move and take class with my clients. As a student myself, I always admire watching the teacher explore the movements so I could get more of an idea and where I needed to improve. Being more physical also means I’m constantly practicing.

  5. There’s a lot of fun, interesting sequences.

    I also love floor work. It’s a place where you can not only test your strength and balance, but use gravity to prohibit using unnecessary muscles to get through movement. There’s also a lot of hip opening sequences, for example, that that are unlike any other exercise method. The abdominal work is also a beautiful killer.

  6. Your body is the machine.

    When you’ve trained on equipment for a while , the biggest challenge is how to give yourself the same feedback as what the machine gives. Gyrokinesis allows one to create push and pull within the body throughout. It’s wonderfully tough and gives the person a chance for a real breakthrough, physical and mentally.

Come and join me for my GYROKINESIS class from £5 at Tranquility Pilates Centre. Check out the schedule here.

My Favorite GYROKINESIS® Trainers in London:

Allison James

Tranquility Pilates Centre

Saturdays, 11AM

Dylan Elmore

Kings Cross Studios

Wednesdays, 1:15PM & 6PM

Saturdays, 1PM

Elina Patrou

Little Venice Pilates

Wednesdays, 8PM

Dance the Gyrokinesis Method the Gyrotonic Method

How the Gyrotonic Method Enhances Dance Performance

January 13, 2016
how the gyrotonic method enhances dance performance

Gyrotonic [Exercise] has been the perfect addition in my training and performance as a dancer after battling with injuries for years and trying different kinds of crosstraining. Gyrotonic[Exercise] helped me understand where my movement starts and what parts of my body should be working less (with less tension) and which ones I was ignoring. Every Gyrotonic session gives me valuable information about my body, but also makes me trust it more. The body knows how to work efficiently if we listen to it and follow the nature of the movement, Gyrotonic[Exercise] is the perfect way to reconnect and strengthen your body.

– Maria, Ballet/ Contemporary Dancer, Pilates Instructor

how the gyrotonic method enhanced my performance skills

What’s generally needed to enhance dance performance?

Technical ability/understanding

Healthy psychological levels

Neuromuscular coordination

Imagery skills




A sense of playfulness

how the gyrotonic method enhances dance performance

What does the GYROTONIC® Method focus on?

  • Neuromuscular coordination
  • Breathing patterns for optimal expansion and contraction
  • Maintaining less effort for more power and increased flexibility
  • Postural and movement alignment
  • Movement intention
  • Relating movement to everyday things, places, and objects
  • Whole body awareness
  • Mind-body connection
  • Rhythm and playfulness

how the gyrotonic method enhances dance performance

How does the GYROTONIC® Method enhance dance performance?

  • Firstly, the method’s movement intention and philosophy is parallel, if not the same, to dance training and most movement.
  • The body is viewed as a functional instrument that is beyond aesthetics.
  • You have to accept and be honest with your own anatomical make up and eliminate the need to imitate someone else’s (e.g. flexibility, turnout).
  • It improves both postural alignment and alignment during movement by increasing awareness.
  • It emphasizes using necessary effort to avoid working ‘too hard’, mentally and physically.
  • Thus, it helps the body to exert an effective amount of energy for longer lasting power.
  • It helps to overcome old habits that previously increased injuries, aches and pains, even mental barriers.
  • It helps one to take risks safely, explore movements fully, oh, and HAVE FUN!
A dancers’ performance skills could be broken down even further to elements such as self-esteem, cognitive learning, goal setting, fitness, and dieting. While performance enhancement needs further research within the Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis community, let alone the dance community, this barrier could be broken by reporting more experiences, more case studies, and relate findings to existing movement and sports research.

Read up:

Beyond Physical Practice

Dancers as Athletes

Dance Fitness

Dance Science and the Dance Technique Class



the Gyrokinesis Method the Gyrotonic Method

My Gyrotonic ‘Infused’ Well-Being Routine

August 26, 2015

Are you a practitioner of the GYROTONIC® Method and/or the GYROKINESIS® Method or curious about how to incorporate these methods into your daily routine?

 There are a number of ways to practice both of these methods on and off the equipment (which have seriously changed my life).

From being a GYROTONIC® trainer and dancer for many years, intertwining the GYROTONIC® Method and the GYROKINESIS® Method, mixed dance styles, and other fun and inspiring (yet challenging) techniques helps me to stay focused and interested in learning about why different techniques are important and how to master them in my own way.
Here are some great and simple ways how the Gyrotonic Method and the Gyrokinesis Method can be used interchangeably and within other routines. Check it out.

What the Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis Method works on:

  • Narrowing of the Pelvis (deep core activation)
  • Abdominals
  • Hamstrings
  • Hip openings
  • Foot articulation
  • Breathing with intention
  • Stretching while strengthening
How both Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis exercise help each other: Going from the mat to the machine, or vice versa, it is a good way to check in with alignment and strength (also telling sign of other habits).
Within both methods, you are learning complimentary, yet challenging movement and coordination skills. This is beneficial as it connects to other relatable movements such as dancing, swimming, yoga, etc.

The Free/ Can-Be-Done-Anywhere Routine

How the Gyrotonic Method and the Gyrokinesis Method helps: It reinforces neutral postural alignment and reminds us how to relieve pressure in the joints. Arching, curling and twisting are key components to maintain a healthy spine.
It also enhances the internal line (the fifth line) of energy for appropriate direction and force. This provides a great reminder to view and move the body as one entity. This combination of skill and practice can save you from further harm, if previously injured, and clarify movement functionality.

The Dance Routine

  • Ballet
  • Contemporary
  • Improvisation
  • Gaga (the movement language)
How the Gyrotonic Method and the Gyrokinesis Method helps:
It helps to find freedom in moving the skeletal and muscular system as a whole by enhancing a natural and continuous spiraling motion within the body. This becomes especially important when dealing with quick and unexpected movements.
This, in turn, helps to protect the body from unnecessary injury. Moreover, these methods allows one to become freer in movement, improve technique more swiftly, and to let rhythm (i.e. music and breathe) to work as a guide.

The Warm Up and Cool Down Routine

  • Body Awareness
  • Preparation
  • Goal strategy
  • Mindfulness
  • Personal safety
How both the Gyrotonic Method and the Gyrokinesis Method helps: After a Gyrotonic (equipment) class, for instance, sequences are given to do on your own at home, which are essentially part of the Gyrokinesis (mat based) Method.
As these can be done anywhere, it’s a quick and perfect escape from distraction and bad habits (i.e. before or after a performance). These methods focus on body awareness by first slowly to build the nervous system and cognitive input.
After queuing the body to a safe and fluid state, one can then continue with more vigorous, fuller movement as well as recover.
Dance General Fitness and Well–Being the Gyrokinesis Method the Gyrotonic Method Tips

Welcome to The Movement Blog!

April 1, 2015

Happy 1st of April, internet world!

Hope no one fooled you too badly today. I have been very excited to get this blog rolling. Thank you to everyone for the positive energy and London for the sunshine and flowers.

About Me

For those of you who may or may not know, I am a certified GYROTONIC®  trainer and contemporary ballet dancer who has been living in London for the last 4 years. I have also studied Dance Science at Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance. My passions are movement, fitness, well-being, dance, and sharing them all with you.

Today’s post will be a little recap of what will be in store for the rest of my blogging life. I have created this ‘highly exposed electronic source’ to share and acknowledge the importance of taking care of the body and mind through experience, research and the GYROTONIC®  Method.

About the Blog

I wanted to a space where I can break down the facts and, most importantly, make the Gyrotonic Method and everything else in between accessible to you (which means loads of discounts, workshops, feature blogs, and other great stuff).

Over the coming months, the points I mention below will be explained in full, but I would like to, firstly, pick out some key points to share about the Gyrotonic Method.

Let’s begin.  

 Top facts about the Gyrotonic Method:
  • It makes you feel great
  • Some of the top athletes in the world are using it
  • It’s easier than it looks (honest!)
  • It helps with posture, core strength and flexibility
More specifically:
  • It mobilizes spine
  • Enhances balance
  • Encourages flow of energy
  • Improves coordination
What does this mean for you?
  • it can be a part of cross-training
  • suitable for injury recovery
  • will find overall improvement in other areas (such as running or even walking)
  • a more calmer and happier you
How can you start?
Londoners can contact me to inquire about bookings. Studio locations are listed under the ‘Take A Class‘ page.
Not in London? Or need another location?
Not a problem, Gyrotonic is available globally. You can find a studio nearest you here.
Well, that is actually it for today. Thank you again for tuning in! I am really looking forward to blowing up your news feed.  
Until next time,
Kindall xo