Let’s break it down:


combination form.

relating to rotation



giving a feeling of vigor or well-being; invigorating;
(Physiology.) relating to, denoting, or producing continuous muscular contraction

what is the gyrotonic method

Ah, clever. How was the GYROTONIC® method started then?

The principles and techniques of the GYROTONIC® method were created by dancer and athlete Juliu Horvath in the 1970’s when he acquired an injury. Originally known as ‘Yoga for Dancers’, this work later became known as GYROKINESIS® which involves only a mat and a stool. Thereafter he massively increased its potential and developed the GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM® in the 1980’s, which includes the Gyrotonic Pulley Tower Combination Unit (the main bit) along with many other types of equipment. Horvath still continues to refine both the Gyrokinesis and Gyrotonic methods and its equipment today.

What is that machine?

  • It is called the Gyrotonic Pulley Tower Combination Unit, and no, it’s not scary. Its unique designed will help you to move without pain, I promise.
  • This particular machine uses a pulley system which includes weights and two rotating handles to provide smooth, circular movements.
  • It has been designed to help reduce abrupt movements and risk of injury, which helps to create less impact on the joints.
  • The mover is able to produce three-dimensional movement to allow more freedom in the focus, breath, and movement.
  • It is especially beneficial for the spine (i.e. postural alignment).
  • Overall, it helps to improve flexibility, coordination and range of motion.

what is the gyrotonic method

What happens in a Gyrotonic class?

  • A few basic principles and movements of the method are thoroughly explained.
  • Exercises are shown throughout and we often move together.
  • Movements are guided with hands on, breath and counting.
  • You will learn how to relax and move more efficiently.
  • Your class will be catered to your needs as pain and discomfort are avoided.
  • And yes, you will be given homework for the next lesson (you’re welcome).

What are, say, the top 5 reasons why it is unique to other exercise methods?

  1. Consists of a healthy combination of physiology, physics, dance, yoga, swimming and tai chi
  2. Can actively improve awareness of alignment and movement in everyday life and exercise (even when sitting)
  3. Maintains a focus of the body as a whole
  4. Links naturally to the continuous anatomical spiraling of the body
  5. Enhances skeletal and muscular health

what is the gyrotonic method