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Why is the Gyrotonic Method SO Expensive?!

Another oh-so-common question we trainers often hear is: “Why is the GYROTONIC® method so expensive?!”.

So, I would like to crack this mystery a little bit. I have to say, it’s not really the trainers who completely make this appalling financial decision. To put things into perspective, we’ll first look at the rest of the health and fitness world.

Average Costs of Other Equipment Based Training (per hour):

  • Personal Training: £50-£100
  • Private/Duet Yoga Instruction: £70-£95
  • Private/Duet Pilates: £40-£85
  • Private Ballet Training: £45-£85
  • Barre Workout: £27-£30
  • Soulcycle: £21
  • Anti-Gravity Yoga: £15-£25

(and the list goes on)

Insane, yes? Well, not really. These type of sessions are given by highly trained professionals. These professionals have also spent quite a lot of money (I’m talking thousands) to acquire such a high standard of training which can take up a few years. The high costs of these sessions also depend on space, type of equipment involved, number of people, and length of the session.

The GYROTONIC® method, therefore, is associated with these ‘types’ of training. Partly because it offers somewhat of a unique ‘mixture’ of movement principles and hands-on guidance to enhance anatomical alignment for the individual’s needs. It is also partly because of the cost of the equipment. The Pulley Tower alone can cost up to £4-6,000.

Studio space and equipment rentals are also very pricey for studio owners and trainers, which then raises the price for the client.

To be honest here, more than half of the client’s session cost goes towards studio fees, which means less than half is paid to the trainer. Therefore, receiving a quality workout with a ‘top-notch’ trainer will usually equal a very high price. They’ll not only have quality experience but much better or more equipment.

Hope I’ve cleared some things up today. Always take advantage of special offers and discounts around the world for many exercise methods. There is always something to learn even in a short period of time (plus it’s exciting to do something different!).



Kindall's a Contemporary Dancer, certified Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis Trainer, Dance Teacher, and Stretch Therapist who's heavily fascinated with dance, fitness, well-being, research and travel. You can take Kindall's classes both in London and online.

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