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Stay Hydrated, My Friends


(Well, in some places…)

Whatever the weather may be, it’s essential to stay hydrated. Whether you’re mooching around in the sun all day or spending everyday in a sauna keep from frost bite, it’s good practice to pay attention to your water intake.

Why hydrate?

It allows nutrients and oxygen to flow through the body properly,

helps to boost performance,

can aid in digestion,

& we sort of can’t live without it.*

Here are a few ways to remember to drink water and other healthy fluids throughout the day.

Hydrate first thing in the morning.

Drink a glass of warm water with lemon in the morning before eating or any exercise. After a full night of sleep the body becomes dehydrated and is in need of a little jump start. This ‘jump start’ helps to aid digestion and allow the body to obtain necessary nutrients throughout the day. Too lemony? Try adding honey or ginger or both. Thereafter, tea and coffee also count as your water intake for the day (boom).

Fuel exercise routines.

One of the most important times to consume water and avoid dehydration is before and after (sometimes during) your exercise routine. Not only do we lose water through sweat but also salt. Too much lost of water and salt can result in dehydration, which is not good for your joints and muscles. Like my client once said, ‘If you’re thirsty, that’s it–you’re already dehydrated’ (he’s a gem).

After exercise, one way to replenish both water and salt lost is by replacing with electrolytes, which can be added to your water. Simply make your own ‘sports drink’ by combining fruit, water, citrus and a tiny pinch if salt and sugar. Coconut water can also be an enjoyable as it contains a little bit of potassium and sodium, which can be great to refresh your electrolyte levels (but not necessary to indulge).

Treat yourself.

Ah yes, smoothies & juices in the summertime- what a pair. Although slightly controversial due to their potentially intense sugar levels, these quick snack-like drinks can be another source of hydration. Just ease up on those store-bought ones! (Remember what happened to Naked Juice?)

On the other hand, blending or juicing fruits and vegetables yourself are a great way to get a load of vitamins at once. You can use almost any milk or yogurt as a base (i.e. Cow, almond, soy), with water and a combination of your favorite fruits and vegetables (here are some great recipes). No time in the kitchen? Just grab some fruit and/or vegetables to-go.

Make It Fancy

Try infusing your water by using fruit and/or herbs. It’s super easy to make plain ol’ water look and taste so fancy, especially is it’s tap water (or if you hate water in the first place). Some sources even recommend adding fizzy water, if you really want to show off.

Also, carry a water bottle with you everywhere you go. You can get a filtered one like the Brita Fill & Go bottle (clearly my favorite). There are also loads of useful water bottles that can help gauge how much water you have throughout the day (and save the environment, of course).

*On a global note, I know that we’re all aware that not everyone is able to acquire the right amount clean, safe water to maintain their overall health. So let’s all take a minute to donate to charities such as Water Aid (which was, thankfully, recently reported as trustworthy). Try to trade in those extra coins and lattes to support the crucially important need of hydration around the world.


Kindall's a Contemporary Dancer, certified Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis Trainer, Dance Teacher, and Stretch Therapist who's heavily fascinated with dance, fitness, well-being, research and travel. You can take Kindall's classes both in London and online.

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