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Arch and Curl: A Way to Spinal Health

Why do we Arch and Curl in the GYROKINESIS® and GYROTONIC® Method?

Here are 5 points on why arching and curling can maintain a healthy spine:

Mobilizes the Spine

Why mobilize you say? To help stretch the thoracic spine and reduce back pain. Think about how much gravity can take over (i.e. creates joint compression), especially with the head being one of the heaviest parts of the body. Mobilizing the spine can also improve posture.

Strengthens Back Extensors

Back Extensors (A.K.A. erector spinae muscles) provides resistance to control actions that include bending around the waist (i.e. forward and backward bending). Maintaining strong back extensors can help reduce injury risk and correct postural alignment. This is because these muscles also work with the hamstrings, gluteus and neck.

Enhances Neutral Spine Position

Maintaining a neutral spine means being able to come into a balanced position. When we are not balanced, we could create a pool of potential problems (i.e. back pain). Maintaining a neutral spine also means strengthening the abdominals and deep core muscles.

Increases Spinal Range of Motion

To increase spinal ranges of motion we must stretch. The GYROKINESIS®/GYROTONIC® Arch and Curl helps to do this by creating fluid, continuous movement while encouraging a strong yet mobile muscular structure. Acquiring and maintaining range of motion is quite essential for the human body especially when dealing with injury recovery.

Prepares the Body

Arch and curling the spine can also provide as a warm up to help prepare the body for other types of movement and/or exercise. This is because this spinal motion gentle stretches the spine and ‘wakes’ up the nervous system. For example, when the nervous system is stimulated, the body can provide more alertness, energy, and less stress.

Now, you try.

Try out some Arch and Curls by taking a Gyrotonic class with me in London where we will go through spinal sequences both on and off the equipment. Plus, you will be given exercises that you can do at home, at the office, wherever. Not in London? Find a class near you here.

Here’s even more information.

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Kindall's a Contemporary Dancer, certified Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis Trainer, Dance Teacher, and Stretch Therapist who's heavily fascinated with dance, fitness, well-being, research and travel. You can take Kindall's classes both in London and online.

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