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Fitness and Well-Being Spots in East London

Here are my absolute favorite fitness and well-being spots here in London (Eastside).

The Refinery E9

If you’re not seeing their website right now, you won’t understand how it’s killing me with its goodness (and class offers!). This studio has many styles of Yoga and Pilates along with Kettlebell Cardio, GYROKINESIS®, Massage, Teas, Coffees– what more could you ask for?

Be sure to check out: A.) Esther for an amazingly thorough coconut-oiled Deep Tissue Massage and B.) Allison for enriched movement and strengthening with a GYROKINESIS® and/or Pilates class. This studio even has a Disco Ball on the premises and it’s own App.

York Hall Day Spa LONDON

This York Hall location houses a Thermal Spa for only £25 a pop (£18 for Tower of Hamlets card holder residents). Keep in mind, that the price is inclusive of a good 3 hour time slot. Alongside the commonly known sauna, steam rooms, plunge pool and chilled lounge areas, they offer a three room Turkish Baths (or Hot Rooms). The rooms range from warm, hot to very hot.

In the Turkish Baths you sit or lay on heated marble. This is beneficial for reducing Rheumatism (problems in the muscles, joints and connective tissue).  After that, it’s best to follow up with somesteam room action to cleanse the pores and calm the nervous system.

Yoga Place E2

Quaint, simple, and does the trick (in the best possible way). With acquiring only two yoga rooms, this studio really builds a sense of community. It also provides an open kitchen and loads of books to dive into before or after a class and/or a therapy session.

I mainly go here for my Ashtanga practice but there’s a large variety of classes where you can come in for whichever one as you please (no booking required). For the serious yogi? There’s a load of courses and workshops available too.

London Aquatics Centre| Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park

Fine, I’ve only been once, but perhaps let’s take a moment to realize its epic nature and the benefits of swimming (by clicking on those links). This Aquatics Centre is equipped with gym, swimming, and diving facilities (thanks, Tom Daley!). It’s practically a swimmer’s indoor paradise.

With it’s opening hours from 6AM to 1030PM there’s plenty of time to get a few laps in no matter what your schedule. Swimming lessons and courses are also offered at a very decent rate. So book now (that’s you and me both).

Triyoga, Camden

OK, I cheated, but I didn’t want to leave this one out. Located only 15 minutes from Hackney on the Ginger Line, this multi-faceted Yoga, Pilates, GYROTONIC®, Barre and Therapy studio features one of my all-time favorite things in life: the Far Infrared Sauna. This means right after any of your classes, you can hop in for a lovely post-workout treat.

There’s, of course, loads of other wonderful studios, spas, and pools to check out. So, if I were you, I would start by using the Dojo App and clicking on their ‘Get Fit’ category. Fitness on the go? Check.


Kindall's a Contemporary Dancer, certified Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis Trainer, Dance Teacher, and Stretch Therapist who's heavily fascinated with dance, fitness, well-being, research and travel. You can take Kindall's classes both in London and online.

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