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Mini Dance Review: Skånes Dansteater Malmo, Sweden

November 3, 2016
mini dance review: skates dansteater

The Movement Blog’s ‘mini’ dance review aims to give you a ‘short and sweet’ low-down of current performances from around the world.

Company: Skånes Dansteater

Show: To See the World While the Light Lasts

Choreographer: Ben Wright (and dancers)

When: November 4th-6th, 2016

Where: Malmo Opera, Sweden

Skånes Dansteater, based in Malmo, Sweden, represents dancers from all over the world. This is my second time seeing the company perform and its diversity is highly apparent. This is also the second time that I’ve seen the company’s performance with other non-dancers, in which their appreciation have been just as enthusiastic.
Skanes Dansteater’s new show, To See the World While the Light Lasts was entirely derived and choreographed from both Ben Wright and the dancers. In addition, dance students from Codarts had the chance to perform as Apprentices in a few shows. Both the Rehearsal Director and one of the Apprentices’ Mentors from the company, Brittanie Brown, agree that they’ve possessed both maturity and the will to be prepared at a moment’s notice along with impressive, beautiful dancing.

mini dance review: skates dansteater

Wright’s new show takes on a vast and deep topic: life and death. Without sounding like something to put you off, this double act ballet explores much more than that. There are elements of light, happiness, and partnerships. There’s even a reminiscence of ‘another world’, which could be considered ‘the afterlife’, or it could represent a new beginning in an unknown/alternate universe? That may be for the audience to decide.
In addition to the concept, the performances are completed with an onstage band, a full orchestra in the pit, and the choir from Malmo Opera, whom were set up in the theatre’s balcony behind the audience: surround sound in real time. There’s a familiar feeling with this musical arrangement that seems both folklore and theatrical. Perhaps this allows the viewer to immerse themselves into the story.
Skånes Dansteater’s upcoming performances continue this weekend, November 4th-6th, 2016 at the Malmo Opera. If you’re in the Copenhagen/Malmo area it’s definitely worth a trip (plus Copenhagen and Malmo are both great cities!). Come with a patient, open and curious mind. This show is great for those who like to interpret the meaning of a choreographer’s work.


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