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Why the GYROTONIC® & GYROKINESIS® Methods Enhance Body Awareness

There are some incredible benefits in delving into both of these methods simultaneously; largely body awareness. Here are 5 reasons why, backed by research, that I’ve seen within my clients and have experienced personally. 1) You’re educated about your own body. Developing body awareness is quite important for understanding movement as it’s also key to …

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Movement Playlist #13: Slow Dance

Summertime is a time of transition, travel and rest. Slow Dance is a collection of tunes in which I became familiar while travelling and exploring over the last few months to continue tapping into my wellbeing, such as rejuvenation and clarity. [spotifyplaybutton play=”spotify:user:rockyndy:playlist:4ImVcUSnXrYMXLJgsjNGkl”/]    

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A Discussion on “Bad Faith”: Dancer & Choreographer, Tara d’Arquian’s Exciting New Piece

Tara D’Arquian is a Belgium-born (part time London based) Dancer and Choreographer, who is very excited about about the premiere of her new piece, Bad Faith, part of the In Situ Trilogy, March 14th & 15th at Laban Theatre. I’ve sent Tara a few questions about her premiere, her choreographic style, working between Brussels and London and how …

How the GYROKINESIS® Method & Yoga Can Go Hand in Hand

5 Ways the GYROKINESIS® Method Can Enhance Your Yoga Practice

Common questions I hear, “What’s the GYROKINESIS® Method?” “Is it like yoga or Pilates?” Sometimes it seems to difficult to explain, but perhaps it shouldn’t. The ultimate aim is to understand the body, move and enjoy. This method was originally created as an injury prevention method for dancers, however it became widely used for general alignment …